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LUST-approved student associations can post on bulletin boards in Kårallen and book poster bubbles, spaces for sheets and exhibition areas in Kårallen. Companies can book a place in Företagshörnan according to information under Exhibition areas. More detailed information can be found in the documents Kalasmanualen and Lokalmanualen.

Banners (“lakan”)

“Lakan” (translated to “sheet”) is slang for a promotional banner made from fabric, PVC or polyester that can be hung onto metal posts on Corson at campus Valla. The recommended measurements are 130 cm wide and 200 cm tall. On the metal posts there are chains with carabiners for easy hanging, so when you purchase or paint your banner, make sure to insert eyelets or holes for hanging the banner.

On the entrance level, between UF and ESN’s rooms, there is a shelf with a binder to book the spaces for banners that are located along Corson. You will find terms for bookings in the binder. Contact Kårallens operations manager (DC) or the day manager (DA) if there are any questions.

After the event, you take down your banners and clean the place from any strings and cable ties. In the places there are ready-made suspensions with chain and carabiners, feel free to use them for less work with removing strings.

Has anyone forgotten to take down their banners when you set up yours? Contact the festeri / Student Union / association and announce that you are taking down the banners and where you leave them / where they can pick them up, if they want to save them.

Bulletin boards

n Kårallen, there are two notice boards on the entrance level. One of the boards is intended for LiU information and job advertisements (including recruitment to associations). All other types of information are taken down.

The second area is intended for general student information with a maximum of one poster per activity. Many, very large posters or posters that are not linked to student activities are taken down.

Poster bubbles

The poster bubbles are the plastic domes along the walls in the corridors inside Kårallen. Poster placement in the bubbles is booked in Bubbelpärmen, which is located on a shelf between UF and ESN’s room on the entrance level. Terms for the bookings can be found in Bubbelpärmen.

The bubbles are opened by pulling down the transparent plastic sheet. Then you can put up your poster with the help of poster putty or masking tape on the white plastic. The bubbles hold posters up to A1 format.

Take down your advertising when it is no longer relevant

It is good manners to remove posters and sheets after the event to leave it neat and prepared for the next organizer.

Commercial advertising

Only LUST-approved student associations may post in Kårallen. For events that are arranged in collaboration with nightclubs or restaurants, it must be clear that it is a student event in collaboration with a student association and not just advertising for the venue. “Remember to advertise your events and not your sponsors,” as the Baljan Board said.

All commercial posters are taken down and the sender may be charged for littering.

Large format advertising

If you want to put, set, hang or lay e.g. banners, flags and other larger items inside Kårallen, DC or the property manager must be contacted well in advance to approve it.

Places for banners on the railing around Baljan are booked by contacting the operations manager.

Large format advertising on the facade is not allowed.

Blå Havet

LUST-approved student associations can book a place on Blå Havet, the square outside Kårallen, to advertise themselves or their event. The same rules apply as for posting – you must advertise your events and not your sponsors. Companies cannot book a place on Blå Havet. Booking is made by contacting the operations manager who also informs about the rules that apply.

If necessary, outdoor tables and benches can be rented from DC.

Exhibition areas

In Kårallen there are three exhibition areas, Företagshörnan, Kåraknicken and Basgången.

LUST-approved student associations book the exhibition spaces by contacting the operations manager. Companies contact personal@karservice.se for price information and booking inquiries.

Företagshörnan is primarily a place for companies to reach students. Companies have priority to book the area and student associations can therefore book the place no earlier than three weeks before the desired date.

Student associations similarly have priority for bookings in Kåraknicken and Basgången.

The rules for the areas are stated in the agreement, but mainly the following applies:

  • The general rules for advertisement in Kårallen applies
  • Music may only be played, at a reasonable volume, between 12 noon and 1 p.m.
  • The place should be left neat and tidy
  • Contact the day manager for the current day well in advance to borrow tables, chairs or the like