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For Tenants

For those who rent a room in Kårallen there’s plenty of helpful information in Lokalmanualen. This is a guide to everything you need to know when you rent a room.

Rent a room or a storage unit

Does your association want to rent a room in Kårallen, or a storage unit in A15 (the cellar of the A-building) or B23 (the cellar of the B-building)? Send an email to the property manager in order to join the queue: fc@karservice.se

When you leave your contact information to Kårservice, make sure that the email address is tied to the association, and not a personal email address (such as a LiU-email address).

This is because you usually have to queue for a long time and people might leave LiU before it’s time to move in.


In order to purchase more keys to your room in Kårallen, please fill in this form and the operations manager will contact you. If you have questions regarding the keys at Kårallen, please send an email to dc@karservice.se

Please contact Kårservice property manager regarding keys and access to the storage units in A15 and B23 fc@karservice.se.